Services - What We Do

Services - What we do

Fitness Industry

Wholesale Nutrition provides full range of quality functional and flavour ingredients to meet the specific requirements of the a broad range of industry but specifically the fitness industry. WN has the capacity to provide a broad range of dairy, dairy free and vegan products that respond to contemporary market to deliver high quality end product. We collaborate with industry experts and our trusted supplier networks to provide our clients with tailored solutions.

Australia enjoys a first-class reputation globally for product quality, and is home to many of the world’s finest food, beverage, dietary supplement and natural health products. Wholesale Nutrition specialise in providing Australian companies with a wide range of nutritional products that are tailored specific to the companies needs that are sourced from around the world and locally. Wholesale Nutrition is privileged to be the specialty raw material supplier of choice to many outstanding companies from all different industry sectors.

Health & Well being

Wholesale Nutrition supplies an extensive portfolio of natural health ingredients to independent suppliers and companies around Australia. We have a dedicated health specialist and product development to provide our first class customers support.

Packing Options

  • Packing Solutions any size from 100g to 5kg
  • Food grade bulk packaging option - 15kg, 20kg, 25kg packaging