Adding a supplement range to your business has a multitude of benefits. Not only does it provide an additional revenue stream but also offers great marketing and brand awareness.

We are currently helping hundreds of companies around Australia promote their businesses but also take advantage of the residual income a nutrition range can offer. Every successful personal training studio, trainer, gym or sporting club should be promoting their own name as a brand to their clients!

  • Ever wanted your own supplements brand?
  • Have you got clients, friends, work colleagues ask what supplements do you use?
  • Personal Trainer looking for an additional revenue stream?
  • Gym/Studio owner wanting to increase your brand awareness?


Wholesale Nutrition understands just how hard it can be to design, market and develop a range of quality supplement, after all we have been doing it for many years! We also know that many of our customers are Personal Trainers, Gym Owners and Health Professionals who not only have a large interest in fitness but also nutrition, however don't have the facilities or opportunity to bring out their own line of supplements.