WHOLESALE NUTRITION Q AND A? Is it possible to buy from the ready to go supplements but get my logo printed on the bag? Unfortunately not. Ready to go supplements are stock that is prepacked ready to be shipped. A logo printed on to the bag is done by a third party digital printing company that require a minimum run of 1000 bags printed. We have created the ready to go supplements for the client that don’t want to outlay large amounts of money. However choosing this options there are limitations. What are the alternatives? We have two – Crystal clear label – A crystal clear label will work on our preprinted bags as you see here – This will give a you a nice finish to your bag at low moqs giving you an amazing looking bag without the large outlay. White label printed back – White label is recommend if you choose our black bag. Cyrstal clear labels won’t work with black bags as you won’t see against the black. Example you can here How do the labels come? Our goal is to keep our prices as low as possible, so we can pass these saving on to you. All labels come included with the stock but all stock comes unlabelled for you to label as you choose. Can I get my stock in my own packaging? We can pack your product in almost anything within reason. However custom packing requires large moq’s. To set up a line for packing is quite labour intensive with a lot of man power and then take several hours for the clean down, this is why we have a general minimum of 100 unit minimum pending on the product and your requirements. Contact us and will advise if we can help. Will you label my products? As a general rule we don’t label stock. If however it isn’t too labour intenstive we will look at it at a case by case scenario at an additional fee. We try to keep our labour cost low by passing the saving on to you. We find if we label all our clients Australia wide this takes up most of our days where for the customer to label their own as they display the item, it allow us to get the stock out to you quicker and more affordably. I want my own product made with my own ingredients. Will you do this? Wholesale Nutrition was made to give gym, personal trainers and supplements brands the ability to stock the most popular products on the market. We don’t generally make specific or unique blends however if your order is over 120kg for a particular product we can look at it to see if we can do it for you. Do you offer samples? And does my logo come on them? Yes we off samples in full unit (250g/500g/1kg) pending on the product. We sell these at well under cost price just to cover some of the cost for us. Your logo doesn’t come on the samples. Once stock goes to print this is a costly and time consuming exercise therefore a full order is required in the system before our graphic designer’s begin to create your labels. What is the cost of creating a label? We only charge you some of what it costs us to get a designer to create the label. General charge is $10 per label